It doesn’t matter, my aim at scorpio driving school is to make you a safe driver for life. Not just to pass a test. Every individual is different with different requirements and needs and our priority is to develop those requirements and needs as soon as possible until you feel capable and confident enough to attempt your test.

There is no set guidelines on how long an individual will take to pass their test, that is entirely up to you and your learning capabilities.

In 2009 when the D.S.A. Updated the driving test they commissioned two independent surveys to study the average number of hours required to pass your test. One came in at 50 and the other 67 hours.

My average time until a student passes their test is between 30 and 40 hours learning.

As you can see that is well below the D.S.A. Recommended average, however every individual is different.

If you get told by a driving instructor they can teach a novice student in 20 hours they will be misleading you so don’t be fooled. You cannot advise anyone the number of hours it will take until you’ve given them a few lessons to assess their ability.